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For more than 60 years, DEPAEPE Company has devoted its talent and its resources to developing and manufacturing telecommunications products.
DEPAEPE Company has specialized in residential and business telephone equipment as well as a wide range of test equipment for telecom professionals.
The company is constantly improving its products, with frequent innovations so as to stay current with changing technologies and customers needs.
DEPAEPE Company is privately owned, without any external owned shares. The company has distinguished itself by its financial independence and by total neutrality in the economic and industrial environment. These qualities plus the originality of its product lines and it's approach to the market make it a respected, strong presence in the telecom marketplace.

Group :
DEPAEPE Company and its subsidiaries - RVF, SITCO - form a strong base for both manufacturing and the support of clients. The company prides itself on : technical resources committed to research and development, high-tech production, computer aided design and manufacturing, computerized tools and machines, all interconnected to management programs that provide an essential interface to coordinate the efforts of the company with the needs of the clients.
With 250 people at its service and between 5% and 10% of the gross revenues dedicated to research and development activity, the company gives preference to its autonomous growth, to its fully integrated manufacturing, and to its adaptation to the market's changing requirements.

In France :
The largest industrial groups are found among the company's clients together with the marjority of the financial companies and banks, many ministries, state and regional administration, Hospitals, hotels, airports, subways, airlines, EDF (national electricity system), SNCF (national railway), radios, TV's, national museums, exhibition and conference centers, France Telecom ... DEPAEPE products are appreciated in many areas.

For export :
DEPAPE has a subsidiary in the U.S.A. which is proud to serve the large United States market with sales to regional telcos, major national and regional distributors and clients as prestigious as the "United States Coast Guard" and "NASA".
In the rest of the world, the company exports its products directly or through local agents and it has been able to have its products approved by various clients such as : U.N. (Geneva) - MRTC (Singapore subway) - British Rail (England) - Guardia Civil (Spain) - Centre Spatial Guyanais (Space launch center in French Guyana) - Oil drilling platforms in the North Sea and many PTT administrations of countries all over the world : Argentina, Columbia, Puerto-Rico, Jamaïca, New-Zealand, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Switzerland, Venezuela, Mexico, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Cameroon, Ivoy Coast, Senegal, Thailand, etc...